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We aspire to become an inclusive and innovative institution which aims to have transformative impact on society by realizing the highest standard of integrity and performance leading to the achievement of excellence in all spheres of life and make significant contribution in the environmental, economic, cultural and social dimensions of our region.

G. D. C Chandrabadni aims to impart quality and value oriented higher education by adopting student-centric teaching-learning methods for academic excellence and achieving holistic personality development of students hailing from rural areas and all sections of society.

The Vision and Mission of our college are reviewed and redefined in view of changing national and global trends in education. Goals are set to attain the objectives enshrined in national policy for higher education.


  • To make efforts for social inclusion, social responsibility and social accountability for attainment of holistic development of the students and better fulfilment of purpose of the higher education.
  • The college aims to fosters academic and career success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication , creativity and cultural awareness in a safe and affordable learning environment.
  • To provide adequate learning opportunities in higher education to students hailing from rural
  • To develop creative thinking and reasoning skills through experiential learning.
  • To inculcate teaching, learning and research aptitude in students.
  • To develop and facilitate infrastructural facilities so as to meet the educational requirements of
    the students.